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All Property Sales Just 2% Commission

To a Maximum of €2,000 (+IVA)

With our extremely competitive property sales commission, you could save thousands by using Merry Maids to sell your property here in the Ciudad Quesada area.

We market your property extensively and support both vendors and buyers alike to ensure the transaction goes through as smoothly as possible.

Using a panel of trusted legal advisers who are experienced at making purchases straightforward you can be assured of a comfortable experience in selling your property

All Rentals 5% Commission

Here at Merry Maids we pride ourselves in being  honest and caring. We have respect for our client’s wishes  and looking forward  to them returning to us in the future.

When Merry Maids Rent out your home here in Spain we  do not take the customary one month’s rent as our commission as others do and then disappear and leave your tenants to their own devices.  We take 5% of your gross monthly rent, send you regular   updates on   your property and visit your apartment / Villa  every 2  or 3 months or more frequently if you wish.

We also report back to you of any damage that may have been done. Any maintenance that may need doing we will  arrange for it to be carried    out with our tradesmen, but  before any work is carried out we will submit a price for  you  to take a look at.

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