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Key-holding Just 65 cents per day or 240 + IVA per year.

 Are you the proud owner of your own apartment/villa on the Costa Blanca South? That always brings with it the necessary concerns. But you don’t live here permanently, that’s why Merry Maids, Key Holding is here for you.

Merry Maids, Key Holding is an all-inclusive service company located in Los Montesinos, Ciudad Quesada Area.

Merry Maids, Key Holding takes care of you and your property from A to Z. This ranges from checking your property during your absence, managing your keys.

You can count on Merry Maids, Key Holding for any problem in and around your home. Our team is always at your service and we take key management to the next level.

Key management is a matter of trust. You put your key in our hands.

The larger team allows us to be more flexible and anticipate your needs. Every customer is a new story for us and we are ready!

We Check the property twice a month and also after bad weather

  • Inspect all windows, doors and alarms (if present)
  • Flush all toilets, run all taps and showers,
  • Check for and signs of damp and mould,
  • Air the property,
  • Water the plants,
  • Check all lights and power points are in full working order,
  • Check and remove any mail (forwarding or emailing if mail is available)
  • Advice regarding any repairs that may be necessary,
  • Regular checks for pests and vermin with recommendation for remedial action,

If you have security cameras in your property you can now send me your APP and I can monitor your property on my PC when you’re not in Spain and keep you informed of activate in your property.

If you have a call centre alarm our phone numbers can be used as a contact number.

Many owners cut cost and rely on a helpful neighbour but what will they do in an emergency? If the Boiler blows or the water or electricity is cut of or the neighbour goes on holiday, will they be prepared to pay out for an emergency repair or speak enough Spanish to have the service implemented.

More worrying is if the person you have entrusted your keys to is not a legally registered business do you know that in the event of your property being burgled, your insurance will be invalidated if the insurance company finds out that your friendly neighbours is your key holder.

We can organise basic maintenance and obtaining quotes from registered tradesmen for major repairs and maintenance. Quotes submitted to you for your approval.

Limited visits to your property to let tradesmen or deliveries into the property.

This service is for a minimum of 1 year.

The charge for this service is 240€ + IVA paid in advance.

honest property management company.