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Property Rentals.

Here at Merry Maids, we pride ourselves in being honest and caring. We have respect for our client’s wishes and looking forward to them returning to us in the future.

When Merry Maids Rent out your home here in Spain, we do not take the customary one month’s rent as our commission as others do and then disappear and leave your tenants to their own devices. we take just 8% a month of your gross monthly rent which would be on average 32€ per month.

For the 8% you get rent collections, utility collection, we perform complete accounting with monthly invoices for your records and tax returns to ensure a maximum return on your investment, we ask tenants for references, Passport / ID, bank account, work contract, proof of income / pension,

We can also arrange for any maintenance work that may need to be carried out.

We take 8% of your gross monthly rent, send you regular updates on   your property and visit your apartment / Villa every 2 or 3 months or more frequently if you wish.

We also report back to you of any damage that may have been done. Any maintenance that may need doing we will arrange for it to be carried out with our tradesmen, but before any work is under taken, we will submit a price for you to take a look at.



honest property management company.