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Meet, Greet Key Handovers

We can arrange meet and greet service for your clients at a cost of 15€ per visit arriving before 20.00 hrs. Arrivals and departures after 20.00 hrs and before 8 am and on a Sunday 25€ per visit.

Please do not call until you are in your car and about to leave. Also we ask that you come directly to your villa or apartment after you call if you are more than 1 hr from calling us we will charge another €25.00. It is your responsibility to get to the property and we ask that you don’t rely on sat Naves as they do not always work here in Spain bring you to the right location. This is why you are provided with the map and driving instructions.

Guests must contact us when they have collected their hire car/taxi.

We will be at the property for the guest’s arrival.

Guests must make their way directly to the property after phone call.

Your guests will be met, handed the keys, shown around property,

shown how to lock up securely, location of fuse box and mains water supply.

Arrival time not before 2 p.m.

Departure time will be 10 am on the day of Departure keys will be collected at this time.

Collection of security deposit or full payment for last minute bookings if required can be arranged with us if needed.

Organising basic maintenance and obtaining quotes from registered tradesmen for major repairs and maintenance. Quotes submitted to you for your approval.

If you have a call centre alarm our phone numbers can be used as a contact number.

Visits to your property to let tradesmen into the property.

This service is for a minimum of 1 year.

The charge for this service is 180€ paid in advance.